Ordering :

Please place your order with Pat. We have Premium quality Grade AA+ peeled durians, Green and Yellow Mangoes, Rambutan and Sugar apple in stock.

Whatsapp your order to pat with your details, payment by bank transfer only, we despatch your order once payment is cleared into our account.

All quoted prices are per kilo.

New season of Si Sa Ket durians coming next week in limited supply, call us now to reserve your order of Lava durians before sold out. We have secured a newly arrived crop of AA+ premium grade durians, please contact lee on 07891453281 for wholesale prices.

Over recent months, there have been an increasing number of costs pressures throughout the logistics business, wage inflation, energy, transport costs, driver shortages, nationwide labour shortages. Due to these factors and in order to maintain the high service our customers expect of us, Sinbadtech Ltd responded by significantly increasing our pay rates to retain our dedicated network of employees back in Thailand and here in the UK and therefore the prices of our products (some not all) have been adjusted since 2nd February 2023 to reflect these changes.

A note about pricing. We are a socially responsible company, we pay our staff, colleagues and contractors well and on time and when it comes to pricing we do so fairly, we never cut corners and we are always as good as our word.

We do receive alot of enquiries about wholesale prices, please be aware that we will only reply to genuine buyers who make advance deposit to secure orders with us.

The prices on this page are for 2022 , our latest prices are posted weekly on facebook as freight charges and market prices of produce change according to supply/demand.

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