Sinbadtech Ltd is specialist importer for exotic fruits since 2009. We have been developing the quality to serve both Thai supermarket and wholesalers around the UK.

Our mission is to promote exotic fruits from Thailand and Malaysia, we are very selective in outsourcing premium fruits from well established suppliers in Thailand.

As the global trade increases, the outsourcing processes become more complex.

Here at Sinbadtech Ltd, we focus more on the selective outsourcing and the benefits it brings taking into account all the risk associated with it. Our overseas operation believes farmers and consumers to be intrinsically linked.

Why Buy From Sinbadtech Ltd ?
From our business experience, many Thai supermarkets and retailers around the UK are not satisfied with the quality and freshness of fruits supplied to Thai customers plus the fact the increase of online resellers, many of whom rely on wholesalers and only interested in adding their markup.

We rely on our team who actually try and taste premium outsourced fruits based in Bangkok before even we send the goods to our packing houses to undergo all QC processes at various stages until loading the fresh cargo to be checked by qualified professionals.

We do not buy from suppliers sales agents who are merely interested in closing deals and ship fruits on commission basis, sometimes even without physically seeing nor tasting the products themselves and rely on photos that could be easily exchanged on the internet.

This has left many Thai customers frustrated with the quality of the fruits that they wanted to purchase and very disappointed with the fruits they receive that do not match the promises and expectations of Thai fruit sellers.

So we at Sinbadtech Ltd, we felt that we could do better by focusing on sourcing rare and exotic premium fruits with strong relations with our partnered farms in Thailand , a strong team of logistic expert and experienced customs agents is the key ingredients to ensure a top quality supply of fresh fruits directly from Farms to our customers here in the UK.

Sinbadtech ltd

Place your order in advance to secure a quicker delivery as we are taking durians order now.

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Virtually all big companies are global players. However, with increasing networking and streamlining procedures, smaller companies are also positioned internationally.

This means companies from wholesalers to supermarkets need an efficient agency to supply required products on time so they can focus to provide their customers a quality service.

Give us a call and we will try to help you, whether you have a small consignment of 30Kg or large shipment of 2000 Kg. Using our contacts and network, we can outsource the best quality products from well established suppliers, secure a smooth process from logistics, submitting relevant documentation to customs authority and a safe delivery of products on promised time.

What you get from Sinbadtech Ltd is a complete turn key solution.

Current Rating
Food Hygiene Rating: 5 (Very Good)

This is based on:
Food Hygiene and Safety: Very good
Structural Compliance: Very good
Confidence in Management: Good

Sinbad Tech currently has a food hygiene rating of 5. This was awarded on Wednesday 5th July 2023 by London Borough of Croydon.

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